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* Our adventure began with L.A.B. flying service in Juneau.  We were anxious to arrive at the bustling Juneau airport with enough time to get through Security and to the plane (sarcasm is just one of my talents).  We arrived, oh, at least an hour and a half before our flight.

* L.A.B. isn't "through Security".  They don't even ask if you are carrying anything you shouldn't be (yeh, like hijacking a 4-seater plane would accomplish anything).  They make you "check" your purse (which consists of strapping it in behind the seat).   They weigh you.

* But most significantly, it was suddenly obvious why these things are called "air taxis".

* Remember that I said we were early?  When we arrived, the woman at the counter asked us, "Are you ready to go?  Do you just want to go now?"  Apparently schedules are just sort of a guideline - we were ready, they were ready, so there was no reason to just sit around for an hour and a half.  How refreshing!

*  Glacier Bay is a national park.  Bartlett Cove (the park's primary port of entry) is 65 miles west of Juneau.

*  It was about a 20 minute flight to Gustavus (at 1200 feet altitude), and then a ten mile drive from Gustavus to the lodge.  There are no roads to Glacier Bay, and the only road in the park is between Bartlett Cove and Gustavus.  Gustavus is accessible only by ferry or air taxi.

* Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve is a massive park.  It commands 3.3 million acres of wilderness that stretch northward from Alaska’s inside passage to the Alsek River.

Glacier Bay Area Map

* Click here to see the Glacier Bay Lodge, the temperate rain forest, the glacier cruise, whale watching, and our return flight to Juneau.
* Glacier Bay National Park official website

* Glacier Bay travel website

* Glacier Bay Lodge and tours * UNESCO World Heritage Site (Glacier Bay)
* Particularly good collection of Glacier Bay information (unaffiliated with the National Park Service)
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Penny Chris, pursuing her favorite souvenir -
the penny smasher!
Our first glimpse
. .
. .
Spruce-lined road Sign
Driving to the lodge (basically the only road) Glacier Bay Lodge
Lodge Lodge
Glacier Bay Lodge Lodge, as seen from the boat dock
Inside Lodge Restaurant
Inside the lodge
Chris Mom
One of my two typical poses Mom's typical pose (trying to get warm)
Chris Mom and Chris
We really enjoyed the fireplace 
(No, it's not "fake" - just the logs are.  I'll bet if you put your fingers in there, the flame is real)
Mom and Chris Chris
Huge Spruce and Hemlock Backyard
The "back yard" - overlooking Bartlett Cove
Bay beach Boat dock
The bay has approximately 30 foot diurnal
(i.e., twice a day) tides
A brief glimpse of the mountains
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