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Denali National Park


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Horseshoe Lake
* Our final day at Denali (which almost inadvertently turned into our 2nd-to-the-last day!) was full of different adventures.  In the morning, we took a short ranger-led hike to Horseshoe Lake.  This short (3 miles RT) hike through the forest has a 250-foot elevation drop that leaves you at Horseshoe Lake, and an impressive beaver dam.  It takes a couple hours, but itís unlike the scenery that you see further into the park.
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Forest Lupines Forest
Aspen trees Bluebonnet (lupine) Rocky forest
. . .
. .
Lichens Plant
Caribou Moss-Reindeer Lichen Carex
Parry's Wallflower Forest
Parry's Wallflower (Mustard Family) Passing through the forest
Plant Plant
Forest Forest Floor
Passing through the forest
Plant Lichens
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