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Denali National Park


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Tundra Tour    Continued  
* Interesting description of tundra biomes * Wildflowers of Denali
. .
View across the tundra, nearing Polychrome Overlook
Polychrome mountains Polychrome mountains
Polychrome Mountains, showing volcanic Rhyolite
Mom Ground Squirrel
Mom, at the Polychrome Overlook Ground Squirrel
. .
* We stopped at the Polychrome Overlook rest stop.  A short "hike" up a hill revealed a walk through lush tundra plants and flowers.  They are all small plants so they can survive the rough winters and extreme drought.
. . .
Bluebell Woolly Lousewort Artic poppy
Tall Lungwort, or Bluebell Woolly Lousewort Artic poppy
Spiky red flowers Anenome Small plant
Unknown tundra plant Narcissus-flowered Anenome 2" tall unknown plant
. . .
. .
Anenome Purple flowers
Narcissus-flowered Anenome Unknown tundra flowers
. .
*  Two Dall sheep were climbing along a rocky promontory, a bit further into the road.  We saw several large herds of dozens of sheep, but these were perched right alongside the park road.
. .
Dall Sheep Dall Sheep
Dall Sheep
Dall Sheep Dall Sheep
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