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Denali National Park


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* A high point of our Alaska adventure was the three days we spent at Denali National Park and Preserve.

*  Denali, "the high one", is the name Athabascan native people gave to the 20,320 foot peak that crowns the Alaska Range.  Officially called Mount McKinley, both names are used for "The Mountain." "Denali" is the name favored by most Alaskans.

* Established as Mount McKinley National park in 1917, as a game refuge, and expanded several times since then.  It was renamed Denali National park and Preserve in 1980.

* The park road extends about 85 miles from the Visitor Centor to Kantishna - all still inside the park.

Map of Denali National Park

* 6,000,000 acres - larger than Massachusetts
* About 6,000 animals (39 kinds of mammals)
* 167 kinds of birds
* No reptiles, and only one amphibian (frog)

*  Click here to see the Tundra Tour, our hotel, Denali sled dogs, Glitter Gulch, Visitor Center area hiking, interesting flora, hike to Horseshoe Lake, and flightseeing tour/glacier landing on Mt. McKinley.

* Denali National Park official website

* Denali Summer Times

* Tundra Tour  
 Tundra Tour  
* Our first day was devoted to taking the Tundra Tour.  A National Park Service bus takes you 50 miles into the park, making several scenic/rest stops, and then returns.  Since public vehicles are not allowed into the park (beyond the Savage River checkpoint), NPS bus is the only way to see the park.

*  We enjoyed the 6-hour trip quite a bit.  The guide was knowledgeable about all aspects of the park; the history, the geology, the different kinds of plants and flowers, the animals, and interesting details like the history of specific wolf packs.

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Denali Postcard Buses to hotel
All transportation within the park is by bus - into the park, from the train to the hotel, from the hotel to the park, from the Visitor's Center to the Wildlife Access Center (which is also the transportation center)
Denali National Park Denali National Park
Denali National Park Near the entrance
Moose Moose
Yearling female moose, right in front of the park headquarters
Moose are right up where people can interact with them,
but they (the mooses) are easily spooked and shouldn't be approached
Mountains River wash
Denali National Park Parry's Wallflower (Mustard Family)
Teklanika River Mom and Chris
Teklanika River At the Teklanika River rest stop
Sign Mountains
The nails were put into the sign to prevent bears from chewing on the sign Alaska Range visible across the tundra
Alaska Range visible across the tundra
Rock formation Ground Squirrels
Rhyolite volcanic formations Pair of Ground Squirrels
Bears Mountains
  Blonde-colored mother brown bear and 3 cubs  Alaska Range
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